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Jul 25

Hannibal TV Line interview: sex with Hannibal

  • Bryan: If you met Mads and you didn't know he ate anybody, wouldn't you want to shag him rotten?
  • Caroline: Absolutely!
  • Aaron: Someone who says they wouldn't have sex with Hannibal is...
  • Scott: Even if I knew he was a killer, I'd have sex with him. I mean, that's hotter.
  • -----
  • Scott: (to Caroline) What kind of sex do you think you guys would have had?
  • Caroline: ... really awesome sex.
  • Scott: I know, but like... weird?
  • Aaron: Oh.
  • Scott: Like, kinky?
  • Bryan: Like in the butt?
  • Scott: That's not weird.
  • Aaron: (laughing) In the butt!
  • (laughter)
  • Interviewer: ...I think I'm gonna start wrapping this up.



Bleeding Cool

‘Writing Is Power’ – Sitting In The Black Panel At San Diego Comic Con

The Black Panel is a San Diego Comic Con tradition. And it would be a solid, optimistic, future looking, respectful – and ultimately a little dull if it wasn’t for the host and creator of the panel, Michael Davis, who constantly uses self deprecation, ironic stereotype and wit to constantly undercut emphasis, or raise the energy in the room making this, always, the unmissable panel of San Diego Comic Con, celebrating black voices in the comics-and-related industries.

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"The thing that people can most do is represent themselves, because in representing yourself, representing your family, representing what you know, you can tell the most accurate, the most authentic story about your experiences that are native to you.” - Orlando Jones

Throwback…Friday? I’m no good at this.

I’m the one in white and yellow. @Smithsonian @SmithsonianArch

Back in the early and mid-1980’s, there was a public perception of a fairly sharp class disparity along racial lines, in the city of Washington, DC. To combat this perception and reaffirm its mission of open and free education to everyone, regardless of race, class, gender, or any other factor, the Smithsonian Institution began its “The Smithsonian Is For Everyone” campaign.

In April and May of 1989, I was lucky enough to be chosen to appear in a part of the campaign—a PSA commercial  with Mr Pat Morita and several of my classmates, titled “Once Upon A Time…” Thanks to the fine people at the S.I. Archives, I now have digital copies of what used to only exist on VHS tapes.

Video Citation: Smithsonian Institution Archives.  Accession 98-187: Smithsonian Institution, Office of Public Affairs Audiovisual Records, 1982-1994, Box 1, “Once Upon A Time.”

Also realised, rewatching this, that I knew everyone’s lines, and can be seen in the background mouthing them along with them. So that’s always been a thing, I guess.






so if ya’ll haven’t heard, a lot of detroit residents have had their water turned off due to “outstanding bills”, some of $50 dollars or less. It’s gathered a lot of attention (probably bc it’s fucking disgusting) and national corporations like PETA have decided to do something about it!!! by paying off the water bills of detroit residents -who just have to agree to go vegan for a month. i am very angry, obviously, by the fact that WATER has been thrown around like a prize or a privilege in detroit and i’m really sad about this. 

(if you want to do something to help, you can pay the water bills [or parts of them!] of residents who have been affected by the shut off at detroitwaterproject.org)

((also if you know anyone personally who has been affected by the shut off, have the call in 211 hotline to be connected the united way services))

Dear fucking god this is disgusting. Literally bartering peoples human rights in exchange for adherence to their beliefs is so vile. I’m shaking with anger. How dare they use this flagrant denial of people’s rights as a PUBLICITY STUNT THE FUCKING AUDACITY OF THESE PRIVILEGED SHITBAGS IS OVERWHELMING.
and here i was hoping that PETA had decided to provide water access so that people can keep their pets alive or something. This is so much more petty and disgusting.


also reminder that PETA doesnt actually give a shit about animals and euthanizes the vast majority of animals within its care, adoptable or not, and are in fact entirely a profit-making front using veganism and animal welfare as a convenient blanket of legitimacy


white people cry reverse racism about comic book characters being colored black but they finna make an entire movie about egyptians starring all white people. 

i’m petitioning for a george washington biopic starring samuel l jackson.

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Experiencing a demon problem? Call John Constantine, Master of the Dark Arts at 404-248-7182.

Well, that could have been more fun…




Experiencing a demon problem? Call John Constantine, Master of the Dark Arts at 404-248-7182.

Well, that could have been more fun…



Duck face with Kelly Sue at #selfiegocomiccon with a #wicdiv photobomb


Duck face with Kelly Sue at #selfiegocomiccon with a #wicdiv photobomb


"you’re too young to determine your sexuality" said no one to the heterosexual teenager

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